Friday, April 14, 2023

114 - An Open Letter to my Brother, John Wick

Dear John;

It's Peter, your brother, the guy who you used to tease when we were kids - well, when we were VERY little kids. Then you started taking Judo lessons, and it wasn't teasing anymore.

How are you, John? I see that another movie about your adventures has just come out. I'll see it eventually. I can't rush out to watch your movies right away. I have to think about it for a while first. I have to reflect back on our childhood together, the good times, the bad times, the puncture wounds...

I'm just now at a place, mentally, where I can handle watching your third movie.

I see you're down one finger. Ouch! That was hardcore!

You missed Mom's memorial service, John. She took one unfulfilled desire to the grave with her; she wished you and she could reconcile.

I know! I know what you're thinking; "Well, she shouldn't have kicked me out of the family."

It was a difficult time, John. Dad had passed two years before, and she was enjoying dating that guy, you know the guy. Sure sometimes he said mean things to us...but, John, you didn't have to break his neck! All he did was tell the dog to shut up. And, John, face it, that dog was crazy! Just that one, John, that was the only crazy dog, ever. And Mom's date just yelled "Shut up!" at the dog, and, well, you kinda lost it then, John.

You see, John, it was hard for Mom to get her head around the idea of you killing people. I mean, besides you, we were pretty much a peace-loving family. None of the rest of us ever killed anyone. It just wasn't something we did, John. We played basketball! We played soccer. Then off you go and become an assassin.

And, look, I know you're conflicted about it. I know for each one of the 500 people you've killed you feel a nagging pain inside.

I just want to reconcile, John. I'm your brother. Brothers should talk to each other. Maybe I can set up a little meetup. Just you, me, and my dog Sheila, that's it. No one else. No assassins. No counter assasins. No one trying to kill anyone. Just two brothers having a good moment with a dog.

What do you say, John?

For Mom?

Peter Wick

April 14, 2023