Saturday, November 14, 2020

90. Another post making this blog ineligible for Google advertising

Google has suspended me from advertising this blog.

How did I react, you wonder?

I thought it was absolutely hilarious!

I spend a little money on advertising now and then, not all the time. Sometimes I'll advertise this blog, my books, movies, my website, my company Azzurri Productions/Publishing. Sometimes I don't want to spend the money, so I stop the ads. That's what I did, actually, before Google told me my blog-ad was ineligible.

"Sensitive event," their warning said, "US election."

I laughed. Was it last Summer's, 'Trump vs. the Virus'? Was it (pre-pandemic) "Make infectious diseases great again"?

Did someone actually complain to Google about me making fun of Trump? If so...hilarious! I could not be more proud.

For the record, I do not consider it censorship. Google has not told me I have to remove any blog posts. They just said they wouldn't take my advertising money. So, for all the Trumpsters out there complaining that Facebook and Twitter are censoring them, by not allowing them to buy ads on their sites, no, that is not censorship. That is a private company. You can go out into the middle of the public square and shout all the nonsense you want. No one is censoring your right to say absurd things.

So, Google, fine. I stopped the ad anyway, before you decided it was ineligible.

As for Trump and his desperate attempt to claim the election was stolen from him...HILARIOUS! No one is funnier than Donald Trump.

I am going to begin building up the theory that his whole Presidency was just big practical joke done on purpose. It was Performance Art. Donald Trump has proven to be a great satirical artist, showing us in real time what it would look like to have a true Worst President of All Time.

Just imagine, he proposed, how terrible it would be for the country, for the world, if we actually had a President this bad.

I don't believe for one minute that he ever actually believed anything he said. He never meant any of it. It was all just elaborate satire.

Performance Art!

Get it?

Any day now he's going to pull the mask off and reveal that he has been a Sasha Baron Cohen character the whole time!

There you go...send your complaints to Google, care of the advertising department.

Peter Wick

November 14, 2020