Thursday, October 14, 2021

99. Conspiracy Theories!

 Here we go! Are you ready? I'm the real whistle-blower. Everything you've read, everything that you thought could not possibly be true...IS TRUE...and more!

It all started back in early 2019, when George Soros, The Clintons, John F. Kennedy (yep! He's still alive in a secret bunker, and still calling the shots), and Babe Ruth (please don't ask me to explain that one: just acccept it) called me into a secret meeting and laid out the plan for the next few years.

"Here's the plan," Jack Kennedy said. "We're going to create a fake pandemic, a real pandemic actually. It's going to be BOTH fake and real at the same time. Our plan is multi-pronged."

"What's multi-pronged mean?" Babe Ruth asked.

Bill Clinton looked over at him patiently and said, "It's like when you have BOTH great offense AND great defense. Like the best hitters and the best pitchers all at the same time."

"That's going be confusing," Ruth stammered, "if your offense and defense are on the field at the same time."

You know what, I'm dropping Babe Ruth from this story. Seemed like a good idea a couple paragraphs ago.

SO...Kennedy continued.

"We're going to send a specially trained, virus-infected bat, into the Wuhan Virus lab, cause panic, and the bat will let the virus out of his body and into the whole world."

"So, it's a real virus," I said, trying to keep things straight in my head.

"Yes, and no," Jack answered. "It's a real virus, we're also going to plant the idea in social media that it's a fake virus, because it will also be fake."

"How can it be both real and fake?" I asked.

"For that you'll have to read up on Facebook."

Clinton tried to clarify a little. "Everything both is and is not what it is," Clinton said. I tried to ignore the similarity to something he had said under oath back in the late 90's and turned back to Kennedy.

"Okay, so the virus - "

" - AND not the virus," he interrupted.

"Is released out into the world..."

"-And NOT the world."

Jack and Bill were nodding pleasantly at me.

"And then what?" I asked

"AND THEN..." Jack smiled. "Then, we create the vaccine."

"It's - it's a real vaccine?" I asked hesitantly.

"Yes, it's a real vaccine," Kennedy beamed, "but it's also a world-wide micro-chip tracking device that will kill everyone who takes it within two years."

"And...and why would we want to kill everyone who takes the vaccine?"

"We don't," Clinton said.

"We both do and don't," Kennedy clarified.

"I'm confused," I said. "It's a real vaccine, but it's really a micro-chip that will kill everyone. I mean, what's the point of that? It doesn't do any of its potential jobs very well, does it. Why use microchips to track people who are going to die, from the very vaccine that WAS the microchip?"

"For that," Kennedy said, smiling even wider, "You'll have to read up on Facebook."

I was beginning to see a pattern here.

"What am I here for?" I asked.

"Ah," Kennedy leaned back against the desk, sitting on the edge of it. "You, my friend, are going to keep track of everyone's microchip readings and decide when everyone is going to die from the vaccine. Those who believe most fervently in its efficacy will die the soonest. Those who never get the vaccine can live the longest...except..."

Kennedy looked over at Clinton for help.

"Except," Clinton continued, "you won't have to worry about the ones who don't take the vaccine, because they'll probably die from the virus."

"Because the"

"Partly," Kennedy said.

"Well," I said, shaking my head, "you can count me out. I won't be any part of this nonsense."

"Too late," said Kennedy. "you're already in too far."

Bill Clinton reached into a nearby cage that had been covered by a black sheet. He pulled his hand back out, holding a bat. "You're already in too deep," he said, releasing the bat, as it flew directly toward me and promptly bit me on the neck.

I staggered backwards a few steps. I clutched my neck and felt blood. It WAS too late.

And now you all know, the whole virus-industrial-complex, the whole Democratic party, everyone responsible for our health, safety, government, and commerce...they're all...


For'll have to read up on Facebook.

Peter Wick

Occtober 14, 2021