Wednesday, July 14, 2021

97. Was I actually elected President in 2020?

 Look, I'm not saying I WAS elected President in 2020. I'm just asking questions. Americans deserve to know the answers to this and many other questions.

Is it so wrong to ask these questions? Are the people who are trying to stop me from asking questions actually communists with a goal of destroying America?

Is Joe Biden actually a lizard-person, disguised as a Mole-rat, disguised as Beyonce, disguised as a 78-year-old man? I'm not saying he IS. I'm just asking questions.

People are saying - lots of people are saying - that I received many many millions of votes, but that a group of communists from Venezuela used super secret remote brain-technology to secretly alter the ballots with my name on them and changed them all to Joe Biden. Now, IS THIS TRUE? I don't know. I'm just asking. In America, we have the freedom to ask.

Anyone who tells me that I am not allowed to ask if Joe Biden secretly eats live baby kittens for breakfast is trying to take away my freedom of speech, my freedom to blabber nonsense, and my freedom to ask absurd questions. that's un-American.

The main-stream media loves to talk about "Facts." "Fact this and fact that." Blah blah blah. Facts are just a way to cover up the truth. And what is the truth? well that's what I'm after with the questions I ask.

Are the Democrats really a group of galactic space beavers from Alpha Centari intent on conquering Earth and turning it into an intergalactic all-you-can-eat kitten bar? I DON'T KNOW! I'm just asking.

The lame-stream media likes to point out that this was the most scrutinized, counted, recounted, and re-recounted election in history, and that there has been zero evidence of wide-spread voter fraud. EXACTLY! Zero evidence! know... where did the evidence go? Was it covered up by Hugo Chavez? Did Hugo Chavez ACTUALLY die? Is he secretly living under the assumed name of "Black Widow," inside the actual movie, so deeply embedded that no one, not even he can tell the difference between the real world and the world of the movie that he is in? Is he secretly hiding in a different movie? Ratatouille? Shrek 8 The UnShrekening? The Shape of Water, as that sex-obsessed fish creature?


Did the Italians use ultra-futuristic laser-technology to make Margorie Taylor Greene somehow dumber than a broken piece of cement?

I think America deserves to have these questions looked into, right?

Did the Chinese use bamboo-laced, chewing gum fibered, pot-rolling paper based ballots, secretly filled out in the backroom of a bar in Shanghai, mind-meld them into Arizona, then push a button connected to a secret Space-laser-used-to-start-California-wild-fires in order to subvert our freedom to require every American to own at least 72 guns minimum (pea-shooters do not count!)

So... WAS I elected President in 2020? I don't know, and that, my fellow Americans, is the problem. We need to know for certain, and that's why I'm asking. The questions just have to be asked...

Peter Wick

July 14, 2021