Wednesday, March 14, 2018

63. The Past is Going to Suck! - A Time Travelers Guide: The 20th Century (sneak peek #3)

Note: Peter Wick's new book, "The Past is Going to Suck" will be published summer, 2018. This is a sneak peek at the beginning of the book.

Disclaimer 1: Don’t make it worse!
The history of the 20th Century is all wrong.

Everything we know, all the famous historical events, are all mistakes. They are the result of careless time travelers trampling on the history they visit, altering it, and as a result, wiping out a nearly perfect, idyllic century in which war was nearly unknown, Hitler lived a quiet life as a bad painter, and The Cold War was a TV game show set in Antarctica.

photo credit:  By NOAA (NOAA press release) [Public Domain] vis Wikimedia Commons
The Cold War was a TV game show set in Antarctica

We at the Guide cannot stress this too strongly; please be careful with history. Once it is altered, no one, not even those who lived through it, will ever know any better.
This is not to say that the history of the 20th century didn’t happen the way it is recorded here. It did. It just didn’t happen that way when it actually happened.

Let us try to explain this another way.

This Guide tells the history of the 20th century, but it used to tell a very different history, and that very different history was of the 20th century…before it was altered…

You know what, never mind. We have decided to quit trying to explain this.

The point is, we must sadly accept the fact that the 20th century we are doomed to visit has been permanently changed from a near-perfect age, to the preposterous time that the history books now record.

So, please travel ‘incognito,’ and not ‘interactive’ (more on those options shortly).

Please! People! Do not make it worse!

(Note: look for one more sneak peek before the book is published this Summer.)
-Peter Wick
March 14, 2018