Friday, April 13, 2012

4. Gay Divorce - April, 2012

I have a few friends who have marched in the street over the issue of gay marriage.

When California's Proposition 8 banned gay marriage in the state, one friend in particular - a straight female - joined a crowd of people who shut down Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles.

When she asked why I did not join the march, I said, "I've been married....and divorced. I don't see myself spending a lot of time and energy supporting marriage. Divorce? Maybe."

So, when I read this past week that a lesbian couple, married two years ago in the state of Maryland, were having trouble getting a divorce, I decided it was time to rise up and join the cause.

My position is a simple one: Divorce is a right that no one should be denied. Divorce is one of the great gifts bestowed on us either by a divine creator or, if he doesn't exist, at least by a Divorce Court Judge. It is a gift of importance and great magnitude. No one, rgardless of their sexual orientation, should be denied the right to get the hell out of a dysnfunctional relationship.

Those who say divorce should only be between one man and one woman, have obviously never heard my gay neighbors arguing at 3 in the morning. Technically they are not married, but they sure act like an old married couple.

All of us are created equal. None of us should be denied the right to STAY in a bad relationship if we want to. None should be denied the right to be bored with their partner of 12 years - the inalienable right to go out to dinner out of sheer boredom, to sit numbly over your food brooding over the fact that you've had nothing to say to each other since 2004.

So also should none of us be denied the right to passive-aggressively jab at each other with snarky zingers until the divorce lawyers intervene and try to keep things at least moderately civil.

In short, this lesbian couple must be granted their divorce, and quickly, before expensive plates get broken.

It is the humanitarian thing to do.

Step up to the plate, Maryland.

Grant the divorce.

Do not allow prejudice over sexual orientation to cloud your judgement.

Let these two miserable Ex's walk away from each other, for cryin' out loud!

Peter Wick
April 13, 2012